Update re: COVID-19

Our office is currently closed but we have pre-made clothing packs and a selection of equipment in our office. If you are a health visitor, midwife or other essential worker please send us an email to info@counsellingandcare.co.uk and we will try and fulfill your request as soon as we are able to.

We provide baby clothes (up to age 4) and equipment to families in financial difficulty.

If you would like to access this service we will need a referral from your health visitor, midwife or worker at another staturory agency or charity. Please ask them to email our office (full details below) and we can get you added to our books. Once you have been referred to our service you do not need to be re-referred if you need additional items.

Our service is open to families in all their varied forms, including those who do not live under the same roof or when a child is living with extended family. If you require more than 1 of any item please let us know, we are not always able to oblige but we will do our best.

Most of the families we work with are put in touch with us during pregnancy, at which point we will supply one of our ‘newborn layettes’. This can include

  • all the clothing you will require
  • moses basket with stand and bedding
  • sling
  • bouncy chair
  • bottles
  • steriliser (electric or microwave, as needed)
  • baby bath
  • baby monitor
  • toiletries and nappies

If there is anything else you require we will do our best to source it.

After the birth of your child, we can help with the following

  • Clothing up to age 3-4
  • breast pump
  • cot-beds
  • high chair
  • bumbo
  • nappies
  • toiletries

Unfortunately we cannot provide the following items but we can provide guidance on other avenues for getting these items

  • prams or buggies
  • car seats (all sizes)
  • as of December 2019 we are no longer providing safety gates

If you have any questions about our practical help service, or to make a referral, please call our office on 0131 557 2060 or email us info@counsellingandcare.co.uk