The new shop opening was eagerly awaited by its regular customers.  A queue of people was waiting outside the shop before a ribbon-cutting ceremony was performed on Monday 5 September.  Lifeline now has considerable presence on Gorgie Road with two huge display windows and double the floor space inside.  The income for the first week of trading equaled a good month’s turnover at the previous shop.  Mary, the Shop Manager, has set a high bench mark!

We are very grateful to all those who volunteered their labour and worked so hard to clear debris, paint walls and organize the stock in the new shop.  We thank John, Angus, and many others for their unstinting help.  Board Member Colin kept the lawyers and landlord to task in order to get the tedious legal process completed.  Our indomitable Shop Manager, Mary, kept a clear head throughout.  She knew at all times what needed to be done and where the priorities lay.  She dealt with plumbers, telephone providers, and even the multi-billion dollar might of Coca Cola in order to get the shop ready for business.

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