Each year PCCS provides Christmas presents for around 200 children and their parents. We also provide food hampers for their Christmas meal.

How does it work? (for clients)

Anyone who has received baby items from us in the last 4 years is eligible for our Christmas present service. We include items for every child in the family (under 18 years old) and also something for mum and dad. In order to be added to this year’s list you need to contact the office before Friday 30th of November, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee items for families who are referred after this date.

We will need the name, age and gender of each child you would like to refer, and you can also request a food hamper, which will contain enough food for a couple of days (make sure to let us know if you have any dietary requirements!)

You will need to come to our office to collect your presents. We’ll text you at the start of December to let you know when your collection day will be, probably Monday 17th, Tuesday 18th or Wednesday 19th of December.

How does it work? (for donors)

Unfortunately, one of our largest donors in previous years is, slightly unexpectedly, no longer able to support us.  We are very concerned that, as a result, we will not have enough presents or food items for the families that we work with. That makes every donation we receive from members of the public even more important.

If you are in Edinburgh you can pop into any of our locations and grab one (or more) Christmas present tags – we’ll be putting them on display from Friday 23rd of November. Each tag is for an individual child and will have their gender and age on it. Please purchase a new toy suitable for that child, attach the tag, and drop it off at between the 3rd and 12th of December at any location.

If you can’t make it into one of our locations you can also buy items directly off our Amazon Wishlist, there is a huge selection of items on this list which are suitable for everything from the tiniest of babies to the mums and dads that we work with. We’ve also included some family-friendly items like board games. Anything bought from our wishlist will be sent directly to our office.

We are also looking for people to set up their own donation points; at home or at their work, which is a very helpful way to both support us and advertise our services.

You can also donate money directly to us so we can buy new toys for our clients. Donations can be made via our Facebook Page or through MyDonate.

If you have any questions about how the service works please contact our office by phone on 0131 557 2060 or by email info@counsellingandcare.co.uk and we will be happy to answer you.

Download a poster and advertise our Christmas Present Service.